Discipleship Sessions 2023 

10am to 12noon, at Church

Here are the details of what will be covered on each of the Saturdays when we have teaching. Come to as many as you want to help you in your discipleship journey of growing closer to Jesus.

Saturday 14th January
Setting up my Spiritual Year - Keith Croxton and Kate Pellereau

Come along to think about spend time reflecting on how you could deepen your spiritual journey this year. We will look at practical ways to read the bible and pray more, as well as thinking about other spiritual practices you could incorporate into 2023.

Saturday 11th February
Gifts - Mandy and Keith Hagon

It is often said that every Christian has at least one Spiritual gift. We’ll be looking at what we are to make of this and how do we make sense of the various gifts listed in the New Testament? We aim to help you have a better understanding of what the gifts are, what they are for and which gifts you may have.

Saturday 11th March
Pastoral Conversations - Jo Wigley and Pastoral Team

This morning will look at Pastoral Care, particularly asking the question of how we can love our neighbours as ourselves. We look at how to listen well and offer support to those around us.

Saturday 1st April
Prayer - Chris and Cherryl Murray

This morning will be looking at some of Jesus’ healing miracles and will then explore the relevant gifts of the Spirit, such as Words of Knowledge. The session will then look at how to pray for people giving time for questions and finish with some time to practice praying for one another and listening to what God is saying.

Saturday 13th May
Apologetics - Jacob Wigley

Come and spend some time thinking about how to deal with big questions everyday Christians have concerning God, science and faith.

Saturday 10th June
The Liturgical Year and the Reformation - Maurice Stanton-Saringer and Jack O’Grady

We will be learning about the shape and format of the liturgical year, thinking through the different seasons and what is at the heart of them. The second part of the morning will be an explanation of what happened during the reformation, looking at the key people involved and how their actions has shaped the Anglican faith.

For more information contact Kate at curate@bpchurch.uk.