Who's Who?



WPG Mugshot 2022 Full REV OPE AYILEYE -141
Will Pearson-Gee Ope Ayileye
Rector Curate
Kate Peter
Kate Pellereau Canon Dr Peter Williams
Curate  (Adoption Leave until March 2024) Teaching Minister

Ministry Leaders

MicrosoftTeams-image MicrosoftTeams-image (6)
Jo Wigley Mandy and Keith Hagon
Associate Minister for Pastoral Care Connect Group Ministry Leaders
Abi Graham Sam Graham
Abi Graham Sam Graham
Children's Team Leader Youth Team Leader
Ali Burt Lucia
Ali Burt Lucia Pearson-Gee
Worship Team Leader Children & Families’ Pastor (maternity cover)
Chris M  
Chris Murray  
Prayer Ministry Team Leader  


Jan Ballantyne Sue Fox
Jan Ballantyne Sue Fox
Office Manager PA to Rector
Lara Burt mike roskell picture
Lara Burt Mike Roskell
Office Administrator and Communications Lead / Caretaker Production Team Leader
Dr Andrew Gibson  
Sunday Operations Coordinator  

Church Wardens

Glynnis 20230526 085913
Glynnis Eastwood Gerry Causer


Glynnis Jane
Glynnis Eastwood Jane Wardale
Safeguarding Officer Safeguarding Officer

Lay Ministry Team

Paul W Pauline SS
Paul Wallace Pauline Stanton Saringer
Licensed Lay Minister Licensed Lay Minister
Paul M Keith Croxton mug shot
Paul Mileham Keith Croxton
Licensed Lay Minister Licensed Preacher