Who's Who?



WPG Mug shot Kate
Will Pearson-Gee Kate Pellereau
Rector Curate
Michael Peter
Reverend Michael Greig
Alpha &
Connect Groups
Canon Peter Williams
Training Co-ordinator

 Ministry Leaders

Olly mugshot small Jo Ash revised
Olly Holland
Outreach & Men's
Ministry Leader

Jo Wigley
Families &
Pastoral Leader
Jayde Formal

Jayde Crouch
Kids Leader &
Acting Families Leader

Jacob Wigley
Youth Leader

Ali Burt
Ali Burt
Worship Leader
post vacant
Families Leader
Post Vacant
Anke Stolze
Women's Ministry Leader
Chris M
Chris Murray
Prayer Ministry Leader


Jan Ballantyne Sue Fox
Jan Ballantyne Sue Fox
Office Manager PA to Rector
Lara Burt
Lara Burt
Office Administrator and Communications Lead
(starts 1st November)
John andrew
John Earle
Dr Andrew Gibson
Sunday Operations

Church Wardens

max Mike Evans
Max Hailey Mike Evans



Denise 003 Jane
Denise Evans
Safeguarding Officer
Jane Wardale
Safeguarding Officer

Lay Ministry Team

Paul W
Paul Wallace
Licensed Lay Minister
  Pauline SS
Pauline Stanton Saringer
Licensed Lay Minister
Paul M
Paul Mileham
Licensed Lay Minister
Keith Croxton mug shot
Keith Croxton
Licensed Preacher
Paul W Pauline SS Paul M Keith Croxton mug shot
Paul Wallace Pauline Stanton Saringer Paul Mileham Keith Croxton
Licensed Lay Minister Licensed Lay Minister Licensed Lay Minister Licensed Preacher