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Welcome to BPC Youth!

Our Vision is to encourage young people to Know God, Love God & Live for God

BPC Youth is committed to growing God’s church in Buckingham for young people. We want to see a new generation of disciples who are growing in faith, equipped to reach their peers and set to live a life in the love and knowledge of God

What's Going On?

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To keep up with good safeguarding practice we ask that all young people have a consent form completed by a parent/carer

There are no upcoming events in this month.
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We also partner with local youth service 'Project Street Life'. This is an open youth club with games, sports & crafts. Hosted from 7pm-9pm at Lace Hill Sports & Community Centre.

For more information please visit: https://www.projectstreetlife.org.uk
Email: hello@projectstreetlife.org.uk
Registered Charity: 1084020

If you’d like to find out more or ask any questions, please do get in touch at 
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Sue Fox, 15/05/2019