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the Parish Church.

Annual Parish Meeting 2023
Well over 200 people attended the Annual meeting, which was held during the 10.30am service at BPC on 30th April 2023. A packed lunch was provided after the service.

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Good Friday 2023
Following the short service at BPC, the cross was carried down to the Old Gaol for a service led by the Salvation Army.

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New Year's Eve party
Sarah Harrison did a brilliant job of arranging the New Year's Eve party. We played a number of mad game and enjoyed an excellent feast. All ages were represented, and we were all impressed by the way some of the youngest survived until after midnight!

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Community Christmas lunch
Our annual Christmas lunch for the community happened on Tuesday 13th December, with a full Christmas feast of turkey with all the trimmings, Christmas pudding and mince pies. We were serenaded first by a music group from Royal Latin School, and then by the U3A Recorder Group. Many thanks to Sheila Handley and team for an excellent meal, and to Rob Tucker and Tina Mitchell for the wonderful music!

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Ian Paul at church
Rev Ian Paul came to Buckingham on Saturday/Sunday 5th/6th November. On Saturday he took us through the book of Revelation - which was a revelation! On Sunday he preached at all three services on Human Sexuality and led a Q&A session at the Centre.
On Saturday at 3pm we met in church.
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On Sunday at 3pm we had a Q&A at The Centre.

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Listening Day at church

Rev Margaret Whipp led a Listening Day at church on Saturday 13th August. Thanks to those who made all the arrangements, especially the delicious lunch provided!
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Lunch at church
We held the second Summer Sunday Bring and Share church lunch on 31st July. Our visiting preacher at the 10am service was Bruce Gillingham who spoke on 'the Ministry of Senior Christians'. He stayed to lunch and answered questions at the end. Thanks to Judith and the team for the excellent organisation of the meal!

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Bishop's visit
Bishop Steven came to Buckingham on Thursday 7th July as part of Deanery visitations round the whole diocese. He had supper and discussion with a number of lay church members at the Centre (thanks Georgie), and then came to the Parish Church for a Q&A session. Jacob prayed for him at the end.

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Lighting the Beacon
On 2nd June, the whole country celebrated with Queen Elizabeth the 70 years of her reign. Beacons were lit throughout the land, and one was on the roof of Buckingham Parish Church.  A good number came to this unique occasion. Revd. Will Pearson-Gee opened proceedings, and the mayor, Cllr Margaret Gateley, spoke and then pressed the button to light the beacon.              

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Jubilee Community Lunch 2022
Community lunch was very special on May 31st; we met to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We started by singing some old familiar songs, than we were served a wonderful menu (see picture below). Thanks to Sheila Handley and her splendid team of helpers.  

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Good Friday 2022
We started with a short ecumenical service in church, then processed to meet outside The Old Gaol. Many then moved to The Centre in Verney Close for Hot Cross Buns and coffee. 

Rev Will Pearson-Gee led the church service, and Fr Andy Ollard preached. Prayers were led by Rev Tim Edworthy. At the Old Gaol, Kate Pellereau spoke and Capt Xander Coleman led.

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Spring clean
A few stalwarts came and did a great job spring cleaning on 19th March 2022.








Farewell to Bob
We said farewell to Bob Johnstone, Centre caretaker/manager, on 28th February 2022.

We were sorry to see Bob leaving the Centre, due to ill-health. He and his wife Joan will be missed..

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Christmas Lunch
We held our Community Christmas Lunch on 4th December 2021.

About 90 guests came, and 14 volunteer staff served a wonderful lunch of turkey and duck with all trimmings, Christmas pudding and custard, and mince pies.Tina Mitchell conducted the U3A Recorder groups, and Brian Roskell led us in some Yuletide songs from the keyboard. Many thanks to Sheila Handley and team for a most enjoyable time.

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Confirmation 2021
Bishop Graham Dow took our Confirmation service.

Several candidates came forward for baptism, and others for Confirmation, on Sunday 3rd October at 6pm. Most of Ollie's family were involved!

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October 2nd was a big day: we combined a teaching day, a Harvest Supper and a Barn Dance!

Rev John Bavington came from his Bradford church as the inaugural event of our new link. He brought members of his church who contributed to the day. At 5.15pm we enjoyed a Harvest Supper, followed by a Barn Dance- brilliant!

John Bavington

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Kate Pellareau takes her first communion service!


Following her priesting, Kate led her first communion service on Sunday 27th June at 9am.

Kate first presidency

(Photo: Brian Hubbard)


Kate Pellareau is priested!

After a year as deacon, our curate Kate was ordained priest by Alan, Bishop of Buckingham, on Saturday 26th June 2021. This means she can (among other things) preside at a communion service.
She was one of six from the Buckingham Area, the others being James, Samson, Peter, Gareth and Ross.

Kate priesting  Ordination of priests

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Baptism in church

One baptism and two renewals of baptismal vows took place in church in 23rd May.
First in was Paul, followed by Brian, both renewing their vows.
Then Donna was baptised, to great acclaim!

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Church Clock renovation January 2020

At Buckingham Parish Church, on Thursday 30th January, the clock hands were set to show 12 o’clock, to help to recognise that it’s not operating. Just as churches seek to bring new life to those who attend, it is time (!) to bring new life to an ageing clock.
Since the clock was a new installation as far back as 1807, it was indeed high time. Though designed to ring the quarters all through the day, this one sadly hasn’t been heard for over 25 years. Mercifully for local residents, the chimes can be (and will be) silenced during the night.
Experts arrived from Cumbria to dismantle the mechanism and transport it to their workshops in the Lake District for major overhaul. Stuart and Jacob were very workmanlike, having many years of experience between them.
You can see from the pictures the task before them, as well as the sheer number of component parts. Stuart was pleased to observe that parts were well-marked in order to make re-assembly easier. How very far-sighted of Handley & Moore, well-known London clockmakers, who designed and built it all those years ago!
The work – among other things - will involve de-greasing and re-greasing lots of moving parts, and re-bushing some spindles, which have worn from round to oval. Some moving parts will need mending or replacing. Well, 213 years is a long time!
The local bell-ringing community are pleased to learn that they can continue their campanology while the clock is on holiday. The clock, which rings the Westminster chimes, uses the same bells, though unlike the ringers the clock uses clappers to sound stationary bells.
The work is expected to take two or three months. I will return when the disassembled clock returns, and report on how the work progresses. We at St Peter and St Paul are really looking forward to that day!

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Community Christmas lunch

We held the Community Christmas lunch in church on Tuesday 17th December 2019.

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Danny's licencing at Loudwater

Danny Rodgers, late of this parish, was instituted as Vicar of St Peter's, Loudwater, on Wednesday 13th November 2019. The Bishop of Buckingham, Bishop Alan, presided. We took a coachload down to cheer him on, and the local congregation greeted Danny, Ali, Peter and Emily very warmly. We were even given party poppers to use at the right moment, as you can see!

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mini-IMG 5135

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mini-IMG 5098

mini-IMG 5071

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Remembrance 2019

Major Revd Will Pearson-Gee led the traditional service of Remembrance round the War Memorial on Sunday. 
A few photos capture the occasion, where the weather was dry and bright, if not warm.

mini-IMG 4967

mini-IMG 4972

mini-IMG 4976

mini-IMG 4983

mini-IMG 4987

mini-IMG 5001

mini-IMG 5003

mini-IMG 4979




Wow, what a weekend that was!! Superb teaching from Paul and Christine Perkin, wonderful food throughout, and hilarious entertainment on Saturday night. All in all, an unforgettable experience.
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mini-IMG 4226



Leadership Social

All kinds of leaders gathered for a social at BPC on Monday 8th July 2019. Will welcomed and thanked all those who lead in various areas of church life. Special thanks to Jacqui and Alex for a superb supper!

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mini-IMG 1548

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mini-IMG 1623


Benefice lunch at Beachampton

Beachampton hosted a Benefice Lunch on Sunday 23rd June 2019. There was the added celebration of Cyril's birthday, so we all sang 'Happy Birthday' at the tops of our voices! mini-IMG 1357

mini-IMG 1359

mini-IMG 1366

mini-IMG 1367

mini-IMG 1370

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Easter Alive 2019                 Top

Easter Alive! took place on Easter Sunday at 6pm and the service included several baptisms by total immersion. When Danny Rodgers (curate) invited anyone who wanted to be baptised to come forward, Leonie made the decision to go to the front and was duly immersed!







Good Friday 2019                 Top

On Good Friday, St Peter and St Paul's church held a half-hour service in church before processing to the Old Gaol following the Cross.  We were addressed by a Roman Centurion and Rev Tim Edworthy. After the gathering, we descended on The Centre in Verney Close for hot cross buns.








Men's and Women's Breakfast              Top

Ali and Danny Rodgers spoke very movingly at the men's and women's breakfast on April 6th. They recently adopted two young children, Emily and Peter, and they related their experience. The breakfast was excellent too!












Farewell, Kings! 2019







Community Christmas Lunch 2018              Top





Alpha Course Autumn 2018              Top

Alpha autumn 2018 crop


Benefice Christmas lunch, December 2nd 2018              Top




Sparkles evening              Top


Jacqui Cooke organised a Sparkles evening to raise money for the kitchen.


A few of the sparkling people who attended. Alex and Jacqui Cooke above left.

mini-Sparkle2a mini-Sparkle2b
mini-Sparkle4b mini-Sparkle4a


Farewell to Gussie               Top

We sadly said farewell to Revd. Gussie on October 28th. She will be much missed, not least in the villages.


Gussie is the one on the right...


Typically exuberant Gussie, presiding at her last communion in Buckingham.

Paul Mileham, 25/04/2019