Children's Groups meet  at the 11am Family Service! On the 3rd Sunday of each month we will meet for an All-Age Family Service.   
There is a KS2 Children's group at every 6pm.

If you have any questions, please contact kids@bpchurch.uk 

You can find all our videos for Pajama Prayers, Kids Church and other kids fun on our You Tube channel: Buckingham Parish Church Kids and Families. Don't forget to like and subscribe.

You can also access all the fun through our Facebook closed group:
Kids Corner

You can also find lots of other Families related clips to watch linked to Ark, Messy Church and things you send in to us.


Get in touch:

To find out more about any of the 0-10s work going on, please get in touch with Abi Graham, kids@bpchurch.uk

Click here for our normal programme of kids provision.