Jayde Crouch

Praise God for the growth of the Family Service! And Rejoice even more for new families being brought into our church community through the tireless and committed work of the pastoral team and volunteers (who we also Praise you for!)
Pray for the 11am Family Service, and for the team behind it (both wider staff team, and by name; Kate, Beth, Sarah and me) as we plan the future of these services; Pray guidance with the focus being ‘What do the families need and how can we serve this community’.
Pray for the revival of our toddler group as ‘Mini-Ark’ and all the work that will go into this.
Pray for the revival of Kids Groups, especially for team to be brought together and for Kate and me as we seek God’s guidance for what these could look like
And finally, rejoice in the Lord for all the ways He has been working throughout lockdown/ the pandemic, the team that has been brought together and all we’ve done and will do in His name! ??!
Sue Fox, 08/12/2019