Team Leader: Jo Wigley.

Pray for people who are finding that they are facing an uncertain future as their furlough comes to an end and they face the possibility of redundancy. People who have families and mortgages to pay and have no idea how they are going to manage. Pray that they will seek comfort and wisdom from God and in doing so be able to trust Him to guide and strengthen them.

Give us as a church wisdom and guidance in supporting those who are struggling with bereavement, relationship issues, finances, mental health issues and coping with loneliness.
Praise God for the people who are being salt and light in our community by blessing others with kindness, doing shopping, making phone calls and praying for others.
Praise God that we are now able to have some contact with our families, for those grandparents who can see their grandchildren and single people who can now have others in their home.

Sue Fox, 21/12/2019