Outreach Ministry 

Team Leader: Olly Holland.  outreach@bpchurch.uk

Prayers for Hotdog Wednesdays: We continue to give thanks for the overwhelming success of Hotdog Wednesdays but must strive to serve to our highest ability in Christ. Thanksgiving for all involved

Protection & strength for the volunteers especially, & most importantly for the souls who come to Hotdog Wednesdays to come to know Christ.
Prayers for pop up prayer: I would like to expand what we do with pop up prayer & go even deeper into the heart of the Buckingham community.

Please pray for God’s timing to be perfect, that the right person comes past on a Thursday for guidance from the Holy Spirit as I pray for people.

Alpha: Please pray for more people to come forward to encounter Jesus through Alpha & for those who need to be discipled & aided in their walk with Jesus. Outreach - Please pray for God’s clear guidance.